Mueller Development in Austin Is Booming!

Austin, Texas has always been on top of things as far as creativity goes. The Mueller Development Austin is no exception to this norm. Back in 1999 the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport was relocated. The city soon became interested in transforming this piece of property into a mixed-use urban village and started the project in 2007. This community is located only three miles northeast of downtown Austin, Texas. There are 10,000 homes in this 700-acre site and over 100 acres left as parks and greenbelt. The Mueller Development Austin is booming!

There are plans to open a large hotel in the Mueller Development Austin in spring of 2013. This hotel is expected to have 112 rooms that offer both studio and one or two bedroom suites. The hotel will be located at the intersection of 51st street and Lancaster Drive. This hotel is going to be used primarily to serve families of patients at the community’s Dell Childrens’ Medical Center of Central Texas.

There are quite a few other building projects going on this year such as the Austin Playhouse theatre, a children’s museum, smart grid research group Pecan Street’s commercialization lab and a performing arts center for Austin Independent School District.

The Mueller Development Austin is a joint project between the City of Austin and Catellus. The parties in charge of this development currently expect it to be completed over a period of 15 years. By the time they are done, the city will feature more than 5,500 single-family and multifamily homes, a mixed-use town center district, 4 million square feet of commercial space, 140 acres of park space, the Austin Film Studios and the Dell Children’s Medical Center.

With all of the great aspects of this community, people are going to be drawn to this place quite easily. It may be that this type of development starts to blossom all over the country as folks are wanting things to get back to the way they were in the olden days. Not so often now are people able to leave their doors unlocked or walk down the street to the gas station for a bar of candy. If developments like this continue to be developed throughout the country, we may just find that life will become a little safer and a little sweeter, more like the days of old. You may be able to let your child go outside to play with the neighbors without having to worry that they are going to get hurt or taken advantage of in some way. The Mueller Development Austin may be the start of something great.
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