Townhome or Standalone Unit: Which is better?

In Columbus GA, whether you are a military serviceman or a civilian, you have several options on the kind of dwelling you might consider for your family. Since this place is in close proximity to the installation, it follows that it has a good number of available apartments and townhouses to cater to the ever growing presence of military men and civilians who have found government employment inside the fort. For military families it is not always a feasible option to own a townhome in Columbus GA area due to frequent possibilities of reassignment; but they can always opt to rent one if there is no available housing inside the installation or if the waiting list is quite long.

Why a townhouse is preferable to a single standalone unit
In terms of maintenance, you get to enjoy fewer responsibilities. You don’t have to do much yard work as the exterior of the house is often seen to by the landlord so that aesthetic is preserved. It saves you the trouble of buying garden equipment like lawn mowers but you have the convenience of a good view from your patio as the surroundings are kept immaculate and beautiful. As often the case with a townhome, tenants pool together for expenses in maintenance in the form of association fees.

Another advantage for tenants is the existence of swimming pools and fitness centers. This saves a lot of money as you don’t have to pay for membership in some gym for your daily exercises. The pools also provide the relaxation you require after a hard day’s work. Besides that, most of your neighbors will likely be military families due to the ever increasing number of military men who choose to separate their military life from their family life. Having a military serviceman as a close neighbor makes it significantly difficult for robbers to break in. Since a townhouse is traditionally attached dwellings on one or both sides, a robber will be discouraged in the criminal attempt.

Townhomes are very common in Columbus GA as many people want short commuting distance to Fort Benning. For both servicemen and civilian employees of the Fort Benning, it will take them only a few minutes or so to reach the installation. This can be very convenient for those who want to go home for lunch or check on what the kids are up to. Townhouses also provide more living space than condos of the same price. However, living in one will typically depend upon your requirements; you can opt for a more spacious area for the children to run around and play ball. This type of house might not be ideal for a family with pets since there are landlords who specifically indicate in their lease contracts that pets are prohibited in the area.

On the other hand, there are plenty of resources which can help in determining the most ideal place for you and the family. You can make comparisons as to the rental prices and the convenience of the place. There are many choices available wherein you can get the best deal.

If you happen to be employed in Fort Benning or if you are a military man who wants to make better use of BAH, you have a convenient option in renting a Townhome in Columbus GA. For a list of available alternatives, visit

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