Farm Real Estate Investing: What You Should Know About Black Hawk County

Investing in agricultural or farm real estate can be an incredibly lucrative venture, especially in Black Hawk County. Situated in the heart of Iowa, buying agricultural land in the area comes with numerous perks, whether you’re buying land with the intention of developing it for residential or commercial use, farming the land, or merely speculating on its value. To get the best value out of any farm real estate property, though, it’s important to understand the local market and some of the advantages of buying land or farm buildings in Black Hawk County.

History and Geography of Black Hawk County

Black Hawk County has a notable history. It was established in 1853, named after Sauk leader Black Hawk. Natives of the United States, mostly of the Sauk and Fox tribes, resided in the area until they were forced to move during the Black Hawk War. The county seat is Waterloo, home to many state-of-the-art businesses and manufacturing complexes, while several other communities comprise the area, including New Hartford, Cedar Falls, Dunkerton, and LaPorte City. Black Hawk County is bordered by three rivers: the Cedar, Winnebago, and Turkey, adding to its geologically diverse makeup.

Benefits of Investing in Farm Real Estate in Black Hawk County

When it comes to advantages of purchasing agricultural real estate in Black Hawk County, there are many to consider. Firstly, its central location in Iowa is advantageous for companies and developers, since it’s near the state’s largest cities like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities region. It’s also within driving distance of the Twin Cities, St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago. Plus, specific towns in Black Hawk County offer unique advantages. For instance, Waterloo offers quick and easy highway access, which is great for transportation companies in particular.

Another big perk for farm real estate companies in Black Hawk County is the Iowa farmland values. In particular, the median cost of land in Black Hawk County is among the lowest in Iowa, ranging from $6,425 to $7,500 per acre in 2018. While land prices are rising, the more affordable median is still a draw to farmers and investors.

In addition, Black Hawk County is full of agricultural opportunities for farmers who desire to buy land and bulk up their existing operations or start fresh agricultural endeavors. The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship reported that last year Black Hawk County produced corn, soybeans, hay, and several diverse kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Land Auctions in Black Hawk County

For investors and farmers, the easiest way to buy farm real estate in Black Hawk County is to participate in an auction by a professional land auction company, such as LandProz Real Estate, LLC. LandProz is a leading authority on land auctions and has successfully overseen land auctions in Black Hawk County. With their expertise in the agricultural field, the company provides reputable and reliable information about local farm real estate as well as guidance for land buyers.

LandProz Real Estate, LLC: A Leader In Farm Real Estate Auctions

With a passion for land, LandProz Real Estate, LLC has established a reputation as a leader in farm real estate auctions. With their commitment to providing timely, helpful advice and the highest level of customer service, they make sure every client receives the best experience when buying farm real estate. They offer assistance with appraisal, marketing, and closing services, so strategy and buyer confidence remain a top priority for the company. To learn more about their services, please visit

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