3 Things to Understand About Student Apartments in Starkville, MS

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Student Housing Center

What are student apartments in Starkville, MS? Simply put, they’re independent apartments owned by third parties separate from the university or college but made for students. College students searching for off-campus housing should know these three things.

1. Student Apartments Aren’t Dorms

Unlike a dorm with rules, curfews, and even free food in the cafeteria (per one’s selected meal plan), apartments are truly independent living. Students have more freedom, but they also gain more responsibility. Students will be responsible for their meals and grocery shopping, which, according to the students, may or may not be a good thing.

2. Not All Student Apartments Are Furnished

Living in a dorm doesn’t require students to purchase furniture like beds and desks. Moving into an off-campus apartment might. Some apartments come fully furnished, which is a nice perk for students who don’t want to deal with moving heavy furniture. If a furnished apartment is something that’s needed, make sure to ask the leasing company if that’s an option.

3. Student Apartments Might Offer Per-Person Lease Options

Per-person lease options are ideal for college students because it removes the stress of being responsible for the entire rent of the apartment. Usual rental leases require all people in the apartment to be on the lease and be equally responsible for paying the total amount. Per-person lease options only require the student to pay their share. If their roommates don’t pay or need to break their lease, it doesn’t affect anyone else in the apartment.

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