A Few Reasons to Consider Living on Your Own While You’re in College

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Student Housing Center

After being accepted to a college, you need to figure out where you’re going to live as you do have a few options. Staying in a dorm has its advantages as you’ll be close to your classes and will usually always have someone to talk to since there are several people who live in a hall. However, an apartment is an option to consider as well, especially if you enjoy your privacy.


A benefit of student apartments near State College is that you’ll have more space to walk around. You won’t feel as restricted in where you move about and can go to another room if you have a roommate who has friends over or you just want to be alone instead of joining in on the other activities taking place. A private bedroom in your own apartment also offers a quiet place to study so that you can maintain your grades while you’re in school.


When you live in a dorm, you’ll usually need to abide by certain rules, such as being inside the building at a certain time. When you live in one of the student apartments in State College, you’ll be able to set your own rules as long as you don’t disturb your neighbors. You can choose who you want to have at your home and how your home is decorated.


Although you’ll need to pay rent and utilities for your apartment, you’ll likely save a little money on dorm fees and meal plans since you can prepare your own food. This small amount can save quite a bit of money throughout the course of the year.

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