Adapting to the Rules at Student Apartments in Charlottesville VA

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Apartment

Off-campus student apartments give you more freedom than the dorms. That being said, they sometimes don’t offer quite as much freedom as non-student apartments. If you’ve been looking for student apartments to rent in Charlottesville VA, then keep reading to learn some of the ways they might be a good fit over your standard apartment.


With regular apartments, you can usually have a pet or two, as long as you follow the apartment’s pet policy (which may include a higher deposit). However, as a student, if you’ve got a special friend that’s not human, then you might have to leave them with friends or family. However, there are some student housing complexes that are pet friendly. Be sure you know the rules before making a decision because violating a no-pets policy could cost you money or even your apartment.


Smoking rates in the US have dropped considerably over the years; however, somr college-aged kids do take up this habit. If you do, then make sure you don’t do it inside your apartment. Most student housing complexes have no-smoking policies for their apartments, and they might ban it completely from the entire complex. Make sure to check the smoking policy of the off-campus apartment complex you’re considering for your next home. The consequences of violating these policies could cost you hundreds in cleaning costs and fines.


In most instances, tenants at student apartment complexes can have guests, although the guest policy may differ between different locations. Some allow you to have guests, but don’t let them stay the night. However, that is not the norm. In general, guests are allowed to stay the night at student apartments, but not for an extended period of time since they’re not on the lease.

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