The Bustle of the City and the Joy of the Park

New York City never fails to excite. There’s always a new restaurant to hit, a fun event upcoming on your calendar, clothing to buy, job positions that need filling, and new people to meet. With all of that, New York City also gets tiresome. That’s why whoever decided to build parks in a city was a genius; parks provide a needed respite from the honking taxis and endless solicitors.

If you plan on moving to New York City, or if you’re already in the city and feel overwhelmed by the endless bustle, consider living near a park. There are many in Manhattan: Bryant Park, Central Park, Washington Square Park, and more. Similarly, there are many beautiful residences near the park. The best upper west side condos, in particular, are the ones just a step and a hop away from Central Park. To nab one of the condos in the upper west side, trying checking out businesses such as 360 Central Park West.

Other than living in luxurious rooms with a stunning view, upper west side condos and other condos that are close to parks provide a kind of city lifestyle unlike any other. You are:

  • close to major subway stations
  • right near the relative quietness of a park while still having easy access to the bustle of the city (360 Central Park West even provides a map of nearby restaurants for prospective buyers!)
  • able to view and experience nature despite living in a city
  • surrounded by the cultural wonders parks can provide, such as fun events, concerts, local performers, and musicians and many more!

For those who want to live in the city but aren’t a big fan of the constant haste and noise, living right on that line between city and park may be the best solution.

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