College Student Choices: Benefits of Choosing an Off-Campus Apartment

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Student Housing Center

You found a few good University of North Carolina apartments, but you aren’t sure if this is the right decision. Living on-campus means you’ll be much closer to your classes, and that means you can sleep in, but there are benefits of living off-campus.

Roommates are a Choice

One of the biggest perks is that you don’t have to stay with a roommate. When you are staying on-campus, you will most likely be paired up with another student. Sure, you may hit it off with this stranger, but you may not. If you stay off-campus, living with another student can be more of a choice, and you get to vet potential roommates if you choose to go down this route.

Easy Living is Possible

Another perk of staying in one of the University of North Carolina apartments you find is that your lifestyle can be a little easier. For example, staying in a dorm is going to make it hard for you to welcome a guest, be it a friend or a family member who wants to come visit you. Living off-campus makes it easier to enjoy your newfound freedom.

Living With no Rules

You should also remember that living on-campus means that you are going to have to follow more rules. Most college campuses even have a monitor who patrols the dorm rooms to ensure the rules are being followed. If you choose to stay off-campus, this is something you won’t have to worry about. You may not think so, but living under many rules can stress people out, but you can opt to live on your own if you choose to live in an apartment.

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