Condos with Swimming Pool in Toronto: Do These Exist?

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Real Estate

People who think about condominiums generally think of luxury and fanciness. They picture doormen in full uniform, people to help with bags, and all the finest luxuries in each unit. In most cases, they are right. However, most people don’t think of condos with a swimming pool in Toronto, though they do exist.

Many condos offer a roof-top swimming pool or a whole floor devoted to a swimming pool and gym. These are exciting to think of and many people may wonder why these are included. The simple answer is that it is more luxurious to their patrons. It is true that having condos with a swimming pool in Toronto will cost some money for upkeep, but it is actually not much more and it makes the place more appealing to more people.

For rooftop pools in cooler climates, they are usually heated to make it more comfortable for their patrons. However, heated pools aren’t usually necessary for inside pools. It can be very relaxing after a long, hard day to slip into the pool for a few laps or have a splash party with the kids.

However, these pools are generally meant for everyone who lives in the condominium, which could be slightly more difficult to handle in some cases. Many people tend to want to be more secluded when they are in a pool or may not feel comfortable with their condo neighbors. This is usually not considered to be a big problem, but many condos are considering putting a private pool in each unit or at least in some.

This is extremely interesting and notable, but it may not work well for condos with a swimming pool in Toronto. Many people tend to enjoy using a swimming pool all year round, either because they live in a warm climate or because they have indoor pools. Many think this wouldn’t be possible in Toronto; they do have cold winters and it would be difficult to have an indoor pool in each condominium unit.

However, because a pool is considered a luxury, every unit wouldn’t need to have one and the people who really wanted the indoor pool would probably be able and willing to pay the extra price.

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