Discussions to Have Before Moving into Student Housing with a Friend

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Student Housing Center

When you have a close friend that you love to spend time with, it may seem like they would be the perfect roommate. Because you know each other well, they seem like a better option rather than strangers. However, issues could arise that threaten your living arrangement and friendship. Just because you get along socially, does not mean you have compatible living styles. Here are discussions to have before moving in with a friend.

Consider Sleeping Patterns

With university student housing in Baton Rouge, you can enjoy sleeping alone within your own bedroom. Yet, your roommate may have habits that affect the entire apartment and prevent you from getting the rest you need. They may have guests come over late at night or can only sleep in their room with loud music playing. These behaviors could lead to arguments if you don’t discuss them and establish rules that work for both of you.

Review Cleanliness Habits

If you are messy and hate to clean up, that is something you should reveal to your friend. They may not care if you leave your clothes and other belongings on your bedroom floor. However, they could have concerns if you do not clean up the kitchen or shared common areas. For university student housing in Baton Rouge to succeed, be willing to create a cleaning schedule or guidelines around what is acceptable.

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