Five Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

by | Feb 6, 2013 | Real Estate

When you are ready to sell your home, it could be a great benefit to hire a real estate agent. Real estate agents in Fort Lauderdale FL will probably have information that you do not have access to that will be important in selling your home and getting the best price for it. If you are going to look for a good real estate agent, there are some things that you might want to ask the agents that you speak to. After getting all the answers, you can decide on an agent that you will hire.

One question that you may want to ask the real estate agents in Fort Lauderdale FL is how many homes they sold in the last year. You may want to research what the average is for homes sold by real estate agents in one year so that you have something to compare their answers to. You might find that there are some agents who have a hard time selling any homes, but that there are some who have a high number of sales.

Another question that you can ask the agents that you are considering is how they would market your home and who will pay for the marketing. Each real estate agent will probably have different ideas and different ways that they market homes, and you can do a little research to find out which techniques are effective. Each agent will probably have a different amount that they require the seller to pay.

A third question to ask is whether or not the agent has a website that they will post your home on. You may want to find out how often they update the site, as well as how quickly emails get answered. After you know about their sites, you can look them up and browse through them to see if their site corresponds with what you have in mind.

Asking real estate agents in Fort Lauderdale FL about their pricing strategy could be another good question to ask. The agents may take into account the location and condition of the home, as well as what the current market portrays as a fair asking price. You may even want to get a general idea of what the realtor thinks your home could sell for, just from their first impression of the home.

The last question to ask is what that real estate agent thinks sets them apart from all the rest. The answers you get will probably be varied, and you can decide which answers you like the best and which ones fit the best with what you want in an agent.

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