How to Help Ensure You Have a Smooth Off Campus Housing Experience

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Student Housing Center

Living in off campus housing is an exciting step in your university life. Accordingly, you want it to go smoothly. Sure, a couple of hitches along the way are to be expected, but generally speaking, smooth sailing is what you are looking for. Although you can’t control everything, you can help ensure your time in LSU off campus housing is a great one by following the tips listed below.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Nothing can cause you a headache like unpaid bills. You’ll have trouble sleeping at night, and you’ll constantly be hounded by bill collectors if you don’t manage your monthly bills effectively. Fortunately, it’s easy to put your bills on automatic pilot, so they’re paid at the same time each month.

Keep it Clean

No one (except perhaps your roommate) is going to tell you to clean your house in LSU off campus housing. You are free to live as messy as you want. However, mess interferes with productivity and causes a general undertone of stress in the home. Plus, if you have a roommate or guests over, they’ll quickly tire of your clutter and disarray. On top of all that, if things get too messy, you could end up causing some minor (or major) damage, which would be paid for out of your rental deposit.

Be a Good Neighbor

In LSU off campus housing, you will have a community of neighbors, which can be a beneficial thing in many different situations. For example, your neighbors can look after your place and vice versa if either of you isn’t around. So, unless you’ve got hardcore studying to do, try not to isolate yourself from the tenants around you.

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