Maintain Rental Revenue with a Property Manager

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Property Management

Reaching out to possible tenants is an important part of avoiding lengthy periods of vacancy.  Vacancies are troublesome for property owners, as they generally mean a substantial drop in rental revenue.  Because many investment holders work with property management companies, they benefit from the expert marketing strategies they employ to draw in a targeted demographic of potential renters.  As well as widely advertising the property, investment managers will perform a number of tasks to narrow down the search for the right tenants.

Successful Marketing
Setting up signs, flyers, posting on listings sites, and utilizing connections with realtors within the markets are all tactics used by a property manager.  San Antonio professionals work tirelessly to broadcast any vacancies for their clients and rope in prospective tenants.  Many owners simply do not have the time to dedicate to extensive marketing, but a property manager San Antonio will make it their mission to reach out to as many individuals as possible.  While they will do their best to fill vacancies rapidly, they will only consider individuals who meet certain qualifications.  In many cases, it is best for a unit to remain vacant until the right tenant expresses interest rather than fill it with one who cannot make the monthly rent payments.

Making a Selection
In addition to advertising, property managers will take phone calls and inquiries from interested parties and set up open house appointments.  They will also pass out rental applications for probable tenants to fill out.  To better assess an individual’s financial state and background history, a manager will complete screenings.  Each individual will be graded on their criminal background, credit, income, and employment history.  Investors who generally do not have the time or interest to participate in the selection process will leave it up to their property manager.  Committed, ethical managers act on behalf of their client and make decisions that will benefit returns.

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