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by | Jun 26, 2013 | Property Management

Collecting rent and drawing up leases are essential tasks for any landlord.  However, if you are the owner of one or more properties, your schedule may not have room to accommodate landlording on top of ownership and other important demands in your life.  Due to a shortage of time, funds, or overall interest, many investors rely on renowned property management companies to take care of collection and leasing on their behalf.  Property managers work to ensure that their clients are receiving a steady, reliable flow of rental revenue and that all tenants understand and abide by the terms of their lease.  Regardless of how involved you wish to be with managing your property, a manager will gladly handle the many tedious duties that come with landlording, so you do not have to.

The Best Terms
Drawing up a lease for new tenants is an important service offered through a property management company.  Richmond specialists provide guidance on writing detailed leases and addendums with clarity.  Always aiming to protect your investment, property managers will likely suggest certain restrictions are written into the lease, which will save you repair, cleaning, and maintenance costs in the future.  They will also enforce these terms and take the necessary course of action if the terms are broken at any time.

Collection and Late Notices
Another service provided by a property management company Richmond is ease of access for tenants through online accounts.  Property managers are charged with collecting rent, and by offering a pay-online feature through their website, they can be sure each tenant has made their monthly payment and in full.  This helps to improve organization and accessibility, while saving tenants and managers the hassle of writing out and collecting checks every month.  Managers will also handle instances of late payments and make sure the tenant receives fair notice that they have a limited amount of time to rectify the issue.

Real Property Management is an experienced management firm that handles collection, leasing, and many other tasks on behalf of investors.  Contact them today for knowledgeable service you can depend on.

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