New Condos in Miami Beach: Experience Luxury at Every Turn

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Real Estate

Regardless of your current lifestyle, you’ve probably always wanted to live near the beach. It’s such a mesmerizing place, and it exudes the station you want to showcase. As such, luxury condos in Miami Beach might be the best option for you. They come with a variety of amenities, and you’ll find many residences available. Of course, the best part is that you’re situated right next to the beach and can pop down there any time for a little relaxation. While you’ve got a whole ocean of seawater available, infinity pools are also conveniently located for those who want to swim without worry.

At 57 Ocean Sales Gallery, you have everything you could want. This neighborhood is spectacular and has a variety of high-end shops and other entertaining features. However, you’re sure to be impressed with the building and residences, as well. The designers chose to stick with the harmonious water idea throughout, giving you an undulating, sea-like facade. You’re situated between water and city, which means you can look out of your floor-to-ceiling windows and see the beautiful skyscrapers or glance out over the water. A variety of residence types are available, including, two-, four-, and three-bedroom abodes.

Those who are looking for condominiums for sale will be amazed at the many options available, starting at 1,754 square feet and moving up to 7,152 SF. When you live here, you gain access to all of the amenities, including a spa, club room, and infinity swimming pools overlooking the beach. There’s also a sunset deck, fitness center, and an outdoor gym. People with children can let their kids enjoy the children’s room while partaking of the many features of the building. Learn more on the website or consider inquiring today about available residences. You are sure to be happy once you do!

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