Ole Miss Off-Campus Housing Appeals to Nontraditional Students

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Student Housing Center

Nontraditional students at colleges and universities are defined by a variety of characteristics. Age, marriage status, and part-time enrollment are the most common. The University of Mississippi off-campus housing is available for students who do not want to live in a residence hall.

Reasons for Completing a Degree Later

Men and women in their mid-20s or older have several reasons for completing a degree later than the norm. Some served in the military after high school. Others married young or had a baby. Some worked full-time for several years to avoid taking on student loan debt. Not everyone knows what he or she wants to do for a career at age 18 or 19. Those who are single and don’t have children might have a cat or dog they are unwilling to give up.

All of these students may be looking for the University of Mississippi off-campus housing.

Characteristics of Older Students

As the population of nontraditional students continues to increase, developers of apartment complexes respond to their needs. At the University of Mississippi, nicknamed Ole Miss, nearly 36 percent of the students are older than 21.

Some want to complete as much coursework as possible through distance learning. They may need in-person classes that fit around a work schedule. Some do decide to live on campus because they feel they will be more focused on their studies. Many, however, don’t want to sacrifice extra living space and a certain amount of independence. These men and women look for an apartment complex like Archive Oxford, which provides details at the website.

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