Settle Into Student Life with Ease in Furnished Off-Campus Apartments

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Student Housing Center

Moving out of your childhood home into a strange place for college can be an overwhelming experience for many students. However, these University of Wisconsin Madison campus apartments are just minutes away from class and are fully equipped with everything you need to feel right at home from the moment you walk in.

Stay Your Way

Not everyone loves the idea of spending several years with roommates. That’s why these Madison campus apartments give you the option to stay alone or live with up to three roommates in a variety of different floorplan options. Whether you’re keeping it simple with a studio or planning to spread out in a four-bedroom apartment with others, you can find a floorplan that suits your tastes just minutes away from class. If you plan to stay with friends, you’ll have peace of mind that your privacy is secure with private bathrooms in each bedroom, including a lock on all doors.

Management Available When You Need Them

Many apartment complexes these days don’t have on-site management to handle resident issues as they arise. That’s why this student apartment location is ideal; you’ll have access to the management team day or night as there is always someone around to lend a helping hand with maintenance issues or questions about your lease and the property in general.

Contact Lark at Kohl to learn more about the floorplans available and all the unique community features available to residents and their friends.

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