Step into College Life in Durham, NH Student Apartments that Fit Your Life

Living at your college is a big adjustment for many students. You’re leaving the comforts of home. You no longer have someone looking out for you. You may feel like your safety net is gone. At the same time, you’re excited about the opportunity to go it alone. Student housing in Durham, NH, can give you the feeling of living in a close-knit community while you also learn about independence. Find out what it’s like to live with a roommate. Divvy up household chores and groceries. Figure out a schedule for entertaining friends. Work out a study schedule. You’ll pick up valuable life skills while enjoying all that student housing in Durham, NH, has to offer.

Student housing in Durham, NH, offers college students plenty of perks. Instead of being cramped in the confined quarters of a dorm, you’ll have the luxury of a spacious bedroom and private bathroom. No one has to share their most personal space. The kitchen, in-unit washer and dryer, living room, and balcony or patio are meant for everyone in the apartment to enjoy. If you’re nervous about living with someone, you don’t know, going with a two-bedroom unit could be best. If you’re used to being in a full house, go with a four-bedroom apartment. You could take a shuttle bus to get to class on time if you didn’t come to college with your own transportation. Chill out at the grilling stations, hot tub, or clubhouse when it’s time for a break. Learn more when you contact The Lodges at West Edge at

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