The Off Campus Search: Why Coffee is a Student’s Best Friend

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Apartment Building

You’ve done some research now that you’re looking into student housing in Oxford, OH, to make sure you find the right place to live. You want good security. You want a gym and laundry machines in your apartment, but that’s not all you should look for. You also need a coffee house nearby for various reasons.

Energy Levels

One thing students deal with is low energy because going to class and working can be pretty tiring. At some point, you’re going to need a little energy boost, and that’s what coffee gives you. The great thing is that coffee can be bitter or sweet. It can be what you want it to be, so it’s good for anyone.

Burns Fat

The life of a student is sedentary or has the danger of being too sedentary. You can do what you can to stay active, like look for student housing in Oxford, OH, with gym access and maybe access to other amenities that promote physical fitness. What coffee can do for you is make it easier to burn fat. Those few moments you get to be active will be more effective because of your coffee.


A lot of students discover the beauty of coffee. This means having a coffee house to go to ensures you have a place to socialize with others and make new friends. That’s hard to get from other types of drinks.

The Verge is an apartment complex off campus that isn’t just near a coffee house but has one inside the complex for your convenience, plus a whole lot more, so go ahead and visit to see why they’re a good choice for you.

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