Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Student Housing

Are you getting sick of the cramped lifestyle and overall cost of living in the dorms? You’re not alone. If so, it’s time for you to move off of campus into student housing in Knoxville. You’ll love the privacy and increased independence doing so will bring to your daily life. There are some questions you should ask yourself before you choose an apartment, though.

1. Do I Want Roommates? – Living alone does provide maximum privacy and true independence, but it comes with a price. Consider whether or not you want to reduce your rent by living with roommates. This can be a great idea if you find the right people to get student housing in Knoxville with.

2. What Size? – There are a few options when it comes to your living situation. Do you want to live in a studio or a full-size apartment? Would you prefer a house or an apartment? Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want before you choose your living situation, or it’s going to be a long school year.

3. What Is Your Budget? – Set a clear budget before you start apartment shopping and stick to it. If you go too high, it’s going to be annoying paying rent month after month. Aim for the middle of your budget when you sign a lease.

If you have an answer to these questions, you are well on your way to choosing the right student housing. Start your search with Redpoint Knoxville by visiting their website at

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