Three Tips for Decorating Your First College Apartment Like a Pro

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Student Housing Center

Finding your first apartment near University of Wyoming can be exciting, but thinking about how to decorate and furnish it can be overwhelming. If you’ve never practiced your interior design skills before, follow these tips to make your space feel and look just the way you want.

Get Inspiration

Before you wander the aisles of a furniture store or start pulling paint samples, look to the Internet for inspiration. Scrolling through photos will help get your creative juices moving, and it will help you better articulate your personal style. Think about the images you are most drawn to and what they have in common. It may be a furniture style, the color on the walls or the small details that attract you.

Focus on the Details

There are few pieces of new furniture that fit the budget of a typical college student. Now is not the time to blow all of your money on incredibly well-crafted pieces that will last a lifetime. Instead, get furniture you can afford, then make it look like a million bucks by focusing on smaller, more affordable details. If you find a cheap couch, for example, but aren’t crazy about the color or fabric, cover it up with a throw you love and a few pillows. Your wallet will be happy and you’ll still love your place.

Know the Rules

Living in apartments near University of Wyoming will give you more freedom than the dorms, but talk to your landlord about any restrictions in terms of decorating. For example, you may not be able to paint the walls a bright color, but what about a different neutral shade? If hanging pictures with nails is forbidden, is using paint-safe adhesive allowed? Don’t risk your security deposit by not having this conversation.

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