Top 3 Tips for Finding the Best Military Housing in Chula Vista

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Real Estate

Top 3 Tips for Finding the Best Military Housing in Chula Vista Families looking for military housing in Chula Vista must work with rental management companies that understand the unique needs of military life. Fortunately, many properties in the San Diego area, including Chula Vista, work with military families frequently because of their proximity to the naval base. Families who need military rentals in the area should follow these top 3 tips for finding the best housing options.

Furnished Apartments

Military life means moving frequently and never knowing what space will be available in the next place. Apartment complexes that specialize in military housing often offer furnished apartments to make the move less physically demanding. These apartments are move-in ready and let military families get settled quickly.

Short-term Rental Options

Another thing military family should consider is the lease terms. Traditional lease terms don’t work well for military families who might be deployed to another base in a matter of months. Therefore, look for apartment complexes and rental properties that offer affordable short-term leases, preferably month-to-month leases.

Amenities and Activities

Families not only need comfortable housing options. They also need an environment that provides them with activities and a host of amenities to make it easy to get out and enjoy their new surroundings. The best military housing complexes are near parks, schools, restaurants, shopping centers, and on-site swimming pools and play areas.

Moving from location to location is part of the military lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean one’s new place can’t feel like home. For more information about military housing in Chula Vista and short-term rentals, check out Foxwood Apartments at

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