Who is Miki Naftali?

The short answer to “who is Miki Naftali?” is he is a NYC real estate developer, but that really does not do him justice. Ranked #18 on the list of Top 100 Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate by the New York Observer, he is a formidable force in shaping real estate development in New York City. He is the founder and the head of the Naftali Group.

Unique Eye for Real Estate Opportunities

Mr. Naftali and his team have a unique eye for real estate development. His years of experience working in the market in NYC makes him uniquely qualified to pick and choose areas for development that are tracked for growth. Many people believe that not only is he able to pick and choose the ideal geographical location, but that the locations he chooses for development, experience growth because he chose them. Curating his exceptional skills at choosing the perfect locations for development started with his career at Elad. Miki was President and CEO of Elad Group overseeing their operations in Canada, Singapore, New York and Florida. During his tenure, there he launched the Elad’s Canada IPO and acted as the chairman. He established Elad Properties and the Elad Group (the development arm of Elad). His impressive reign as CEO of Elad Properties and Elad Group included acquiring the Plaza Hotel and other well-known properties.

The Naftali Group

Miki took his honed skill set and began the Naftali Group. The Naftali Group has an impressive portfolio of New York City properties, properties in California and properties in Singapore. It does seem that whatever Mr. Naftali touches turns to a golden opportunity. He has helped to change the face of New York City real estate one property at a time, breathing new life into each location.

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