How Condos for Sale are Going to Change your Business Strategy

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Real Estate

Are you currently in the real estate business or considering a career selling real estate? If so, you’ve undoubtedly heard stories of other agents and brokers selling top-ticket real estate to really beef up business. But is this strategy right for you? Read on to see why luxury apartments might just be your new plan for prosperity.

Making Serious Money by Making People’s Dreams Come True

Luxury condos for sale – like the ones at 17 & 52 Convent Avenue – are the quickest and easiest way for those in the real estate business to see major increases in profits. Not only will you help people find gorgeous living spaces in unexpected areas, but you’ll also see major returns on the investment of your time. The six percent commission that New York real estate agents and brokers usually command can translate to $90,000 on one of these luxury apartments – and even more, for higher-ticket new developments! Making these units a part of your regular sales rotation will really increase the amount of that money you and your team get to take home!

Think Outside the Block

While the real estate market has seen plenty of ups and downs in the last few decades, there are always new developments in the works. Sometimes, these buildings are going up in places that would not have previously been considered for luxury amenities – but which have been reclaimed by the city to create upscale experiences for people moving into the area. Harlem, NY condos for sale are a perfect example of this, adding more and more top-tier real estate to parts of New York that are unexpectedly beautiful and steeped in decades of local culture. For those looking to fatten their wallets with new sales business strategies, selling luxury condos in these newly-developed areas is a golden ticket to success!

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