If You Own Multiple Properties, Get Management Help

If you are renting or leasing out many different properties you know it is a full time job that can sometimes get overwhelming and stressful. Between finding new renters to dealing with existing ones, there are too few hours in the day to stay on top of things. That is where having a company that provides property management in Salinas, CA, can be an incredibly useful service to have working for you.

Consider the Rental Process

When you have a property to rent these are some of the step that you need to follow:

  • Receive and review applications for potential renters
  • Verify the employment, income and history of the applicant
  • Negotiate and execute the necessary documents
  • Collect a security deposit and first month’s rent
  • Collect the monthly rent
  • Do annual property inspections
  • Address the concerns of the renters

Now imagine that all of the above could be handled by a property management company. Just think of how much time you can free up during your day to dedicate yourself to growing the business. You can take the time to focus on looking into further properties and the other daily requirements of your company.

The Perfect Go Between

Another service that a property management company can provide you with is management of the Home Owner’s Association or HOA. They can act as a bridge between yourself and your renters in the rare occasion that they run into an issue they can’t resolve themselves. A happy renter is one that will be with you for the long term. The best way to insure renter satisfaction is by giving them a feeling that their issues are being heard and addressed.

Find a Professional Management Team

Coast & Valley Properties is the perfect solution to make sure that everything with your properties runs efficiently and smoothly. Their experience in the field will provide both yourself and your renters with quality service and professionalism that can’t be matched.

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