Elements of Commercial Real Estate Management

by | Aug 26, 2013 | Real Estate

When many people think of property management, they may think of apartment, homes, and other types of residences.  However, real estate management extends to commercial properties as well.  If you own a business complex and would like to reduce the number of vacancies you have, see how commercial real estate management services can help increase your occupancy – and your monthly income.

Asset Management
Each company has their own approaches to help manage your property and find clients to fill vacancies.  They specialize in industrial properties, such as office complexes, medical complexes, and retail properties.  A professional manner is something you should look for in real estate management.  Fort Smith property managers should communicate with both clients and property owners to ensure things are running smoothly.  They should conduct property inspections on a regular basis – at least weekly – and be available 24 hours daily in the event of an emergency.  They track and maintain client insurance records and perform regular maintenance.  Property managers also maintain ADA compliance and monitor fire systems.  Many also help clients by finding ways to reduce operating expenses, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Leasing Services
Commercial real estate management companies will employ multiple techniques to advertise the property and get prospects to view the space.  Some use traditional approaches while others take advantage of current technological trends to advertise.  Some will use a combination of marketing strategies.  Some companies use direct marketing which involves using the property’s zoning designation and integrating it with current tenants to find the most fitting prospects.  Many work with other brokers and, therefore, advertise from one broker to another.  This helps spread the word and find clients quickly.  Real estate management companies will also use traditional signage, list the property on several real estate websites online, and create professional-looking brochures.  They may also take advantage of Craigslist and Google SEO to make your property easier to find.

Real estate management involves many aspects.  Let the Real Property Management River Valley Team take care of everything.

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