What Property Management Companies Look for in Renters

Finding qualified tenants is one of the perks of hiring property management companies.  Sacramento property managers want to ensure your rental property is being used by a tenant with steady income and employment, a decent credit score, and no criminal record.  Without checking on these important details, you could be allowing a tenant into your rental property who may skimp on the rent or cause damage.  It is important for potential renters to go through a personal and financial evaluation for peace of mind and quality assurance.  There are a number of qualifications property management companies look for in potential renters.

A renter’s credit history may play a role in whether or not they are able to rent a residential home or apartment.  While a renter’s past credit is not the sole determining factor on whether or not they will be allowed to rent, a history of bankruptcies, evictions, or other negative judgments can help a management company ward off high risk renters.

Rental History
It is not uncommon for management companies to ask potential renters for several references from previous landlords.  This allows the property manager to determine if the renter was ever late paying their rent, caused damage to the property, or had any other types of issues when renting.  Other types of documentation may be needed if they have never rented before.

The management company will want to ensure all potential renters have the ability to pay the rent each month.  Therefore, they will generally ask for several months of pay stubs or another proof of income, such as personal tax returns.  This will help determine if the individual has held steady employment and if they are able to afford rent, along with other utilities.  Renters may also be responsible for a security deposit in case of damages caused to the home.

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