Enjoy Ease of Access with a Property Management Company

While many smaller property management companies possess local experience, they tend to fall short in terms of the number of resources available to investors.  Online property management is one of the many perks provided through a large-scale property management company.  Miami real estate managers promote synergy by granting property owners and their tenants access to personal web portals that allow them to remain up-to-date on developments, make requests for repairs and maintenance, and more.  This gives investors who are constantly on the go the option to keep tabs on their properties from afar and provides security and peace of mind to tenants who need swift and reliable service.

Investment Updates
Web portals for clients are especially useful for investors who own multiple properties or spend a large chunk of their time traveling.  No matter where you are, you will have the ability to review important documents, taxes, expense reports, inspection reports, tenant updates, repair bills, and more.  You will not have to maintain a continuous presence on your property or phone your manager every day for updates.  Whether you are at home or halfway around the world, you can check your portal at any time for detailed records and reports or easily make payments to your chosen management firm.

Repairs and Rent Payments
If you are tired of receiving phone calls from tenants at all hours requesting repair services, an established property management company will resolve the issue by implementing tenant portals.  Like client portals, tenant accounts offer ease of access and convenient payment methods.  Through their accounts, tenants can make repair and maintenance requests that are not construed as emergencies yet still require professional attention.  Hotlines are also available to renters should an emergency arise and immediate assistance is needed.  Portals simplify payments for tenants as well as clients.  Instead of writing checks every month, tenants can simply make their rental payments via their portal without hassle.

Real Property Management offers convenient client and tenant portals through their website.  With over 2 ½ decades of experience, they are familiar with the needs and wants of investors and renters and strive to deliver exceptional customer service.  To request a free management quote, visit website.


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