Finding the Best Apartments for Rent in Grand Rapids

One of the most challenging things about finding apartments for rent in Grand Rapids is sifting through the hundreds of listings. It can get a little overwhelming if a plan for apartment searching has not been carefully laid out. Addressing a few simple questions before beginning any apartment search can absolutely shorten the search time required as well as reduce the chances of a lot of stress and headache.

Location Preferences
First and foremost, a decision needs to be made about location preferences. This choice should not be too restrictive. Being too restrictive might eliminate some apartment communities that might be as desirable. An apartment community might be a little further away, but it may make up for that in additional amenities or price.

Speaking of amenities; this is a very key attribute to consider when searching for apartments for rent in Grand Rapids. This is a hidden value that is hard to compare when just looking at the face value of the rental price. Some apartment communities offer a community pool, laundry facilities, fitness rooms, community centers, extra storage, or even free Wi-Fi. There is not an absolute value that can be placed on these amenities or features, but if everything else is equal, these can be the difference maker in making the final decision.

Furnished vs. Not Furnished
Also, equally important is whether an apartment is furnished or not. Often times the most expensive part about moving into a new apartment is the cost of furnishing the apartment. Furnished apartments can add a lot of value to the rental price. Not only does the tenant not have to furnish the apartment, but there is also the time saved in having to move new furniture into the apartment. The rental prices for furnished apartments are typically a little more than an unfurnished apartment, but the value saved is often quite more than the cost.

Lease Terms
Subleasing is another topic that needs to be considered when searching for an apartment. If allowable, this can be an effective way to lower the cost of each month’s rent. Subleasing allows for multiple renters to live in the same apartment. Each renter is then responsible for his or her own rent payment each month for the apartment. This type of renting is not for everyone, but it can certainly help to reduce the overall cost of renting an apartment.

The final thing to take into consideration before signing an apartment rental agreement is to fully understand the terms of the agreement. The most parts to understand are the payments and penalties. If an agreement is broken, what are the penalties? Is the renter responsible for the value of the remainder of the agreement? Is the renter responsible for a certain number of months as a penalty for breaking the agreement? These items need to be addressed beforehand.

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