Finding the Perfect Leasing Commercial Properties Hollywood CA

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Real Estate

The good news is, your business has grown so well that you need more office space. The bad news is, having to navigate the various office real estate and management firms to find that perfect space. Fortunately, there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure that the business space you select has the location, the features, the security and the staff support you require, so that you can focus on continuing to grow your business. If you’re located in southern California, or want to be, Leasing Commercial Properties in Hollywood CA can be made easier by considering a few items.

An important consideration, of course, is location. Being highly visible in a sought-after location is ideal. The right building in the right area is crucial. You will want to look for this high-visibility. Basic questions revolve around issues such as customization abilities of the building leasing company, broadband access, and janitorial services. Typically, a high-end building will include a full-time maintenance and construction crew, as well.

All business owners have a “vision” of what their office space should like like to be successful. Does your vision include game rooms, customized office spaces or special areas such as plush carpet, reception areas with recessed lighting or stainless steel kitchens and coffee rooms? You will want to work with a leasing company that understand and can support your business design vision.

Along with visibility comes a need for building security. Your business will require an appropriate level of security for the type of business it undertakes. At a minimum, you will want to consider whether a 24-hour security guard is appropriate for deterrance of unwanted pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Another possibility which is increasingly utilized is closed circuit television TV monitors in parking and other common areas.

Flexibility of lease terms is important. The ability and willingness of the leasing company to allow short-term leasess is critical. If you move to a building and find it does not suit your business, you need to be able to move without the heavy penalties that breaking a long-term lease would hold. Does the leasing company insist on a 12-month or longer lease period, or can you contract for a shorter period?


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