Helpful Advice for Selling Your Real Estate in Leesburg

by | Sep 23, 2013 | Real Estate

Selling your home can be an emotional roller-coaster. There’s excitement, frustration and the occasional disappointment of a sale falling through. Then there’s the joy and relief of finally closing the sale and moving on with your life. There are some strategies for reaching the joy stage faster, with fewer bumps in the road to closing. Keep the following advice in mind when selling your Real estate in Leesburg.

Work with a professional realtor. Selling your home isn’t as easy as putting a sign in the front yard and having an open house or two. It’s not likely that anyone is going to show up with your asking price in cash and seal the deal with a handshake. The buying or selling of real estate is a complex process with a lot of paperwork and a lot of fine print. Unless you’re a seasoned real estate investor, this is something you might only do once in your life, so the intricacies can feel overwhelming. A realtor, however, does this for a living. They can help you navigate the complicated process for a smoother sale. They can also help you find a buyer.

Remember it’s a business transaction.Another important role a realtor plays is that of a buffer between you and potential buyers. Selling your home is no time for ego or emotions. If you have any kind of sentimental attachment to your home, it can be difficult not to get ruffled over criticisms of certain features or low-ball offers. A realtor facilitates a clean business transaction. You may have raised your children in this home, but to a potential buyer, it’s still just a house.

First impressions are everything.A buyer will likely have made a decision within a few minutes of seeing your home, particularly if you make a bad first impression. Mow the lawn and tidy up the yard. A fresh coat of paint on the front door is an impressive welcome. Take care of cosmetic repairs, put a shine on everything and consider moving some belongings into storage to create a roomier feel. Give the buyer a clean slate to imagine how it would look with their belongings. Fresh cut flowers are a nice touch.

Patience and a positive attitude will also go a long way towards a stress free selling experience. Keep it professional and make a great first impression to give yourself a leg up in a difficult market.


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