Questions to Ask When Interviewing Property Management Companies

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Property Management

Property owners who are considering the services of a professional real estate management company may feel overwhelmed when it comes to how to decide on which company to choose. Fortunately, by asking simple questions when interviewing property management companies, Raleigh property owners can narrow down their search and decide upon the company that is the best fit for their rental management needs. Below is a list of the basic things you need to know to ensure your property will be managed in the manner you desire.

How are tenants handled?
Most property management groups handle basic tasks such as marketing the property, showing vacant properties to tenants, running tenant background checks, and other initial tenant-related tasks. However, be sure the rental manager you decide upon also handles issues such as repair or service requests submitted by tenants and questions from tenants about their lease. Eliminating your responsibility to interact with your tenant on a frequent basis can relieve stress and make your rental experience more enjoyable.

What about rent?
In a similar vein, be sure your rental management company handles all aspects of rent processing. Property managers should collect all tenant rent payments and fully enforce late fees in the case of a missed rent payment. The company you select should also have processes in place for evicting a tenant in the unfortunate case of unpaid rent. Property managers must also be knowledgeable about the market your property is located in, making them capable of setting competitively priced rental amounts and adjusting rent costs as the market changes over time.

How is maintenance handled?
Seek out a property management company that boasts a listing of reliable contractors, exterminators, electricians, and other service providers they use in the event of a problem with one of their rental properties. Property management companies that have a “go-to” listing of providers for an emergency often receive discounted rates from these repairpersons. Additionally, knowing the persons who are doing repair or service work on your investment property can give you great peace of mind the job is being done well.

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