Staging is Everything – How to Boost your Oklahoma City Real Estate Listings

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Property Management LogoIf you have perused through model homes then you have seen the act of staging, an increasingly necessary marketing tool that makes a home more desirable. If your home is about to join one of the many Oklahoma City real estate listings, it is important that it stands out. Staging can make this happen but it is important to understand that it is not decorating. Rather, your home is now a commodity that requires some work such as repairs and organization to become attractive to buyers.

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Because you are selling your home, you are intimately attached to it and may be blind to some things that may need changing. Talk with your agent or even just get the perspective of a friend to review your home as if they were in the market. Stand in your neighbor’s yard across the street and study your home’s curb appeal and then take note of five to eight things that need some work and five to eight things that are great selling points.

Repairs are Important

Get any long put off maintenance or repairs done before your home becomes one of the real estate listing in Oklahoma City area. Whether it is the gutters, shutters or re-wiring the outside lighting, do it before a home inspector’s report of required repairs scares away potential buyers.

Organize and De-clutter

An airy feeling is attractive to buyers so organize your stuff to get rid of clutter. If you have piles of clothing and toys to be donated, do it! Have a garage sale and get rid of even more stuff. Organize your paperwork and file it. Remove any personal collection of items, photos, trophies and other memorabilia and store it away. It can be hard for prospective buyers to picture themselves in your home if you have pictures of your kids and Fido on the walls. In addition, straighten up your closets and remove any unnecessary items on the bathroom and kitchen counters.

Update the Outdated for Oklahoma City Real Estate Listings

Neutral is the name of the game when it comes to wall color and carpeting. If you have old wallpaper, remove it and paint. With colored carpeting, it is better to replace with a neutral floor covering if possible. Be consistent and re-paint any remaining walls a neutral color such as off-white, beige or cream tone.

Hiring a professional stager can be well worth the investment to ensure your home sells quickly. From cleaning every surface including baseboards to re-arranging or reducing the furniture in your home, a stager will ensure your home shines amongst the many Oklahoma City real estate listings.

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