Things to Examine Before Renting an Apartment in Gainesville, FL

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Apartment

If you were to rent a car, you would make sure that there was no damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle before you drove away from the rental agency. If there was pre-existing damage, you would be sure that it was documented. This idea applies when signing a lease for student housing in Gainesville, FL. Take the time to examine the apartment carefully before signing the lease. All existing damage should be documented on the lease.

There are three main reasons why this is important. First, you want to be sure that everything works in the apartment before you move in. If you closely examine the apartment and notice a problem, it is likely that the landlord will fix it before your move-in day. Second, you want to see if pre-existing damage exists. Third, writing down these deficiencies means that you will not have to pay for them later.

When examining potential student housing in Gainesville, FL, there are several components that you should look at. Areas that you will want to examine include the light fixtures, electrical outlets, carpeting, locks, windows, and doors. Make sure appliances in the home work properly. Also, be sure the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom work and that the drains function properly. If you notice something that is not in good working order, report it to the landlord.

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